Hello Fall!

Hello everyone!  Today marks the second day of fall! Which is extremely exciting for me since it is one of my favorite holidays.  In honor of this amazing season I have decided that starting October 1st I will be doing 31 days of Halloween!!!! Be sure to check out my blog during that month because each day I’ll be posting different halloween related stuff, like DIY’s and other fun things!  Anyways, to get in the kick of fall here are so dinner party ideas!

What better way to enjoy fall than to have fun dinner parties with your friends?! I will be sharing some decor ideas, and steps into a successful dinner party! Don’t worry, these things are not limited to just large dinner parties, you could also use these ideas whether its with your best friend or just for yourself!  Cheers to successful memories!

STEP 1: Make invitations!!! These are pretty important because if you don’t send invites then how will people know to come!  You can send out traditional paper invites or digital ones!  You can even make a dinner party event on facebook and invite people there!

STEP 2: Every dinner party deserves some pretty things to look at, meaning you need decorations!  Thank goodness for pinterest!  Make your decorations DIY style and add your own touch to things.  Here are some ideas!

STEP 4: The most important part, food!!!  You can get super creative with this, remember to have fun with it.  Personal pan pizzas are always a crowd pleasure.  The best thing to have some snacks and drinks for your guest to munch on while they chit chat away, and then begin with a salad or a small dish.  After that you can bring on the real deal! Remember to save some room for desserts!  Check out my pumpkin spice latte cupcake post for dessert! 

The perfect drink for a fall dinner party is virgin sangria! Depending on the age group it doesn’t have to be virgin 😉  Heres the recipe my friend and I did when we had our dinner party!

-you’ll need a pitcher to put the sangria in

-cranberry juice and orange juice

-cut up some of your favorite fruit, we used apple, orange, grapefruit, lemon, and strawberries

– I recommend putting the fruit in the pitcher first, then the juice! Now use a wooden spoon to mix it all u and wala!

There you have it folks!! Id love to see your dinner party ideas !  Be sure to post them on instagram and tag @jsbeauty.mua !


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