Let it Glow!

Hello everyone and happy holidays from Lattes&Wanderlust!  Getting in the holiday spirit excites me a tad bit more than it should, but it can also get expensive with so many cool decorations.  Today I’ll be showing you how to add some festive glow to your home with this super easy DIY!

Have any old candle jars laying around?  Any mason jars or plain glass jars?  Well time to whip them out!  Make super cute candle holders out of any old jar, this is going to be extremely easy and quick and it will add a nice little glow to the area where you’re putting your little candles!


-Glass Jar

-Epson Salt

-Some Votive or Tea Light Candles

& any decorations you’d like to decorate your jar! (glitter, glue, ribbon…)


-Make sure to clean your glass jars so they are finger smudge free:)  If you are recycling and old candle jar then place it in the freezer for a couple hours that way any left over candle wax is easy to remove.  When you take it out of the freezer use a knife to get the wax out and then run the jar under hot water so peeling off any labels is way quicker!

-At this point you want to go ahead and decorate your jars.  I left some of my plain because I like the clean finish look of the salt and glass.  Get creative!  Maybe use the glue to make little OR big snowflakes and cover it with glitter!  Or maybe even a cute christmas tree!  Wait for your decorations to dry (if applicable) then move onto the next step 🙂

-Ready for the hard part??? Take your epson salt and pour it in the jar! Wasn’t that intense?  You can fill the jars as much as you’d like and as little as you’d like, I went for about half way or 1/3.

-After your jar is filled then you can go ahead and place your candle in the jar on top of the salt.  And you’re done!

If you want to go the extra mile you can take an extra christmas lights and place them around your coffee table or tv stand which is what I did.  This will create and even bigger and festive glow!  Enjoy your candles!  Cheers!


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