Brush Lettering – What I Like to use

Hello lovelies!!

Brush lettering and modern calligraphy has been extremely trendy this year.  Not only is it oddly satisfying to watch mini clips of words being written, but it is also extremely satisfying when you learn to do it yourself!  There are tons of different styles of hand lettering, brush lettering is my favorite. Hand lettering is great for personalizing things such as thank you cards, invitations, and creating custom work to put in a frame to give as a gift or hang up for yourself!

My favorite form of brush lettering is with a water brush or watercolor markers.  You want to make sure that whatever you are using does have a brush tip, this type of tip is flexible that way you can create both thin and thick lines.  A perfect rule of thumb to follow when brush lettering or hand lettering in general is that all up-strokes are thin and down-strokes are thick.

With a water brush you can create beautiful gradients, I love using a water brush because you can interchange colors easily and can avoid the fuss of having to get a cup of water to clean your brushes. I am currently using Loft Watercolor Markers which I purchased at Michaels Craft Store, and the Pentel Aqua Brush with a fine tip!

Another fun thing I like to do with my lettering is scan my work and digitize it in Photoshop and overlay it on top of any watercolor texture I have created.



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