We said “I do” !

Many post ago I wrote a quick update on my life, one of them being that I had gotten engaged!  Well, we put on our big boy pants and had the wedding of our dreams a few months ago and I want to tell you all about it!  My hubby and I met four years ago and we instantly knew that we wanted to settle down together.  After living together for almost two years, he popped the question and I obviously said yes!  We had a year and a few months engagement and got married March 26th, 2017.  I had such a wonderful time planning our wedding as both a calligrapher and bride to be.  We had a great amount of support from both our families and friends.  Juggling two full semesters of university on top of planning a “DIY” wedding was definitely tough, but we managed and everything was absolutely perfect!! I had my dream spring time wedding on a budget of course! The weather was perfect ( we had our ceremony at a garden club so this was important), and the day as a whole went smoothly and fantastic.  I got extremely lucky having a best friend who is a photographer and was able to take our photos, which made life soo much easier!  I wouldnt change a thing about that night, my husband and I are both excited starting our new life together as one and can’t wait to see what life has to offer! Cheers to a new beginning and a happily ever after!

All photos taken by Moua Photos

Hair by Hannah Newman

Makeup done by myself.


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